What people are saying...

"I am a true fan of the work that Mission Waco does in our city. Being that I spend much of my time making music, thinking and talking about art, I love what the jubilee theater has meant to the community that it sits in the middle of. It is a special place, a space for people to come together, whether they are making art or being formed by the experience of what others have created.”
David Crowder, musician

“The Jubilee is already equipped with all the technology you’ll need and people that know how to run it. The Jubilee has great acoustics, looks great, and has a cool artsy vibe. Even Elvis used to hang there!!! Its 200 seats are perfect for a wide variety of events because it’s big enough, but not too big. There’s nothing worse than that “empty” feeling because the hall is too big.”
T.J. Ermoian (President/Texas Energy Aggregation; formerly with Texas Music Café)

“The renovation of the Jubilee Theater revitalizes the area and will bring many visitors from other areas of Waco and from out of town to this North Waco neighborhood.”
Robert Scatterwood (Greater Waco Council of the Arts, chairman)

“The Jubilee Theatre is like a prickly pear bud in spring… the promise of a beautiful flower in a patch of thorny cactus. I look forward to sharing the gift of music there for years to come.”
Dick Gimble (Musician and Faculty of Commercial Music, McLennan Community College)

“The Jubilee Theater provides one of the only venues in Waco for young musicians like us to share the music we love with an audience. We had the opportunity to perform several times in the Jubilee Theater in the spring of 2010, giving us the opportunity to gain valuable performing experience while also supporting Mission Waco's commitment to local art and entertainment.

We are excited to be performing again in the Jubilee in upcoming shows that will showcase central Texas talent. Venues in Waco that offer live music without the sale of alcohol and food are very few and far between. The Jubilee has become a vital part of the local music scene.”
Nash & Alan Turbeville (1st place-2010 Heartland’s Got Talent Competition, H.O.T. Fair)